Boho Glam Living Room

One of my favorite design styles is boho glam. I always find myself going back to this type of look. The relaxed vibe of boho pieces combined with lux and glamorous pieces is such a great juxtaposition. They really balance each other out and add beautiful interest. This is a great way to get a glam look while still having your space feel cozy and relaxed. Somewhere you can curl up on your laptop on a friday night or host a nice party.

The key to this look is lots of texture and styling with accessories. Textures like wicker, fringe and shag mix great with gold luxurious finishes. I’m also loving peachy pinks right now so I incorporated that for this boho glam living room making it perfect for summer.

Plants are an easy way to up the style in any room and are a MUST for any boho style. Of course a fiddle leaf fig is a go to classic and this brass planter adds so much great boho character.

The sofa is a prefect neutral backdrop for lots of pillows (a boho must!) and also a great price on sale for 539.99! Check out the links below to get this look!

Boho Glam Living Room

1. rug 2. chair 3. faux fiddle leaf fig 4. pillow 5. pillow 6. pillow 7. sofa 8. belly basket 9. pinnacle 10. skull 11. tray 12. lamp 13. planter 14. coffee table

What do you guys think? Do you like to mix different design styles or stick to one? Tell me in the comments below!

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I love mixtures! And that pink chair is too cute!!


Dream living room! <3