Faux Flower Arranging Tips & Tricks

I’ve been lucky enough this summer to have fresh flowers from the garden readily available, but with fall around the corner I’m starting to think about faux florals.

I recently received some flowers from silkplantsdirect.com that I have been loving! They are very real looking with really pretty thin petals. They have tons of movement to them with LOTS of pretty layers making them appear even more realistic. The color on these is gorgeous as well!

Some tips for working with faux florals:

1. Purchase decent flowers!

A good thing to look for is thin petals. Real flowers have thin petals. Thin petals give faux flowers movement and make them appear more realistic.

2. Use an opaque vase.

Using a clear glass vase that shows the faux flower’s stems is a dead give away in my opinion. Especially when you add in the jelly water. What is that even called!? It always starts out looking good but over time it starts looking weird especially if dust hits it. I like to stick with opaque vases so I don’t even have to worry about it!

4. Show as little stem as possible.

Speaking of stems, I like to cut the stems down to where the flower is just popping out of the vase and little to no stem is showing.

5. Keep it full!

Fill out your vase as much as possible. I used all peonies in this example or you can also use a mix of different flowers for a full look. Adding in greenery is a great way to get a full look without spending to much.

Faux flowers might seem more costly in the beginning but if you buy good flowers and take good care of them they will last you!

Silk Flowers were provided by CSI Soundcore. All opinions are my own.


Tips and tricks for arranging faux flowers to look real!

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