Diy Wall Art Your Toddler Can Do! (and mine did)

Recently as I was putting our dining room together I realized I needed a large piece of artwork to take up a large amount of wall space and anchor our large sideboard. I didn’t want to spend a lot and since I love diy artwork projects, I was determined to make something to fit this space!

I thought it would be fun to include my toddler because he loves seeing his artwork displayed throughout the house!

I grabbed 8 gold frames from the dollar store

I used blush craft paint to paint all the included matts pink.

Next I grabbed about eight pages of white card stock and gave my son a few different shades of pink acrylic paint to paint with. At the time he loved to paint faces so I painted him a few circles so he could do the rest of the face.

My son is young so his faces came out super abstract which I love !

This was such a fun project to do together and my son still loves seeing his creations all framed up and displayed!

In fact we had so much fun we’ve done it a few more times using the same concept of giving him paint colors that fit with our decor and framing it.

For this one I just gave him a pretty teal paint and a poster board and let him do his thing!

I also have some of his artwork displayed on our mantle too.

Of course I let him paint with whatever colors he wants normally and display his other pieces of art too, these are just ones that are used as regular decor in our home!

Tips for Making This Work :

Use Acrylic Craft Paint

The end result will be much more high quality than a regular kids paint. Of course just be careful because it’s not washable.

Use Cardstock Instead of Thin Paper

Again, the end result will be much more quality!

Pick Colors that Coordinate with Your Decor AND Mix Well Together

Let’s be honest, a lot of times when our kids start mixing colors it can end up being a lot of brown! I love when my son mixes colors and seeing what he comes up with but for the sake of this project I wanted certain colors so didn’t give him colors that would mix to a not so appealing color.

We absolutely love arts and crafts in our house and LOVED doing these projects together. My son loves seeing his creations displayed which is the best part.

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Diy Wall art done by your toddler! A fun toddler project that doubles as decor!

DIY marble painted countertops

I am so so excited to show you all my freshly painted faux marble countertops using the Giani inc marble countertop paint kit.

Let’s start with a before of the kitchen :

The space really wasn’t the WORST but man did it need some brightening up!

We recently painted the cabinets, added hardware, and installed peel and stick backsplash which made a huge difference! The countertops and faucet were such an eye sore though! I can live with the faucet until we’re ready for more major renovations but the countertops were just bad. They were chipped and stained and just not looking good!

I tried a few different contact papers but couldn’t seem to get past the seems! I hated the way the seems looked and they seemed impossible to hide in our kitchen.

I randomly searched “countertop paint” one day and found the Giani countertop paint and knew it was the perfect solution!

The kit arrived quickly and was packaged very well.

The kit included everything you need for this diy. The only additional things I needed were a scouting pad and a small paint tray.

The process was incredibly simple and I highly suggest following Giani’s instructions as best as you can! I will still go over the process here though so you can get an idea of how it all works!

Step 1 : Clean and scour your countertops scouring the countertops roughs them up enough for the primer to stick well.

Step 2 : Priming is the second step. You basically prime the outer edges of the countertop with a foam brush and then use the included roller to roll on the rest of the primer. Let dry for at least 4 hrs and apply a second coat. Giani recommends two coats and that was plenty for me! The paint covered beautifully!

Step 3 : Next it was time to paint on the “veins.” This is the part I was most nervous about but it was SO SO easy! You basically just very lightly draw a line with an open palm. After your line is painted you spray the line with water and use the included brush to dab and feather out the line giving it that marble veining look.

Giani suggests practicing before hand and using a picture of marble you like as a guide.

The best part is it you don’t like the way it looks it’s just paint and you can paint over it and start over! I did make a couple lines I didn’t like but caught it quickly and just wiped it away with a wet cloth.

Step 4 : The white highlight was my favorite part. The white highlight is essentially a shimmery white paint that adds more definition to your veining. I did a lot of highlight because I wanted a super blurred almost all white look. The kit comes with a sponge to dab the highlight on with.

Step 5 : The last step is to apply 2 coats of top coat the same exact way you do the primer.

Diy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen renoDiy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen renoDiy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen reno

I am so in love with the final result! I get so happy when I walk into the kitchen and see the way the countertops just brighten the kitchen right up! My husband is still shocked at how real they look too!

Diy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen renoDiy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen reno

They have also held up beautifully and we have had zero issues with chipping, staining, peeling etc. which is huge! If something looks beautiful but doesn’t function correctly it’s really not worth the trade off!

I am so glad I tried this product! All of the products included in the kit were high quality and worked so well together. The final look is so real and brightens up our kitchen so much! Giani was also an absolute pleasure to deal with as well which is huge in my book! I am definitely looking forward to trying out some more of their products, including this furniture paint!

You can find the kit here on Giani inc’s website for 89.95 which I think is an amazing price for the amount of product in the kit and the amazing results!

This post was sponsored by Giani inc. all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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Diy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen renoDiy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen renoDiy painted countertops! Get the look of marble countertops on a budget! Perfect addition to a diy kitchen reno

Spring Home Tour

I’m so so excited to be a part of this years spring home tour! I’m sure your already feeling inspired after Rachel’s home tour!

We may still have snow on the ground and cold weather but I can hear the birds chirping and see my seedlings growing which gives me hope spring is almost here!

This diy spring floral wreath will be on our door this spring when the weather warms up a bit! This was a super simple diy and you can find the full tutorial at

One of the best parts of the weather getting warm is it makes it so much easier to get house projects done! We’re still working on most parts of our home but I’m taking full advantage of the spaces that are done enough to decorate for spring, starting with our kitchen!

The kitchen is still a work in progress but we are slowly tackling it and have painted the cabinets, painted the countertops and updated the hardware so far! We are planning a larger renovation in the next couple of years but I’m loving the small diy updates we’ve done to get us through until then!

Our countertops are ready for spring with lots of pink touches.

These built ins are one of my favorite spots in our home and they are so fun to decorate for all the seasons! I like to keep it simple and subtle with colors and patterns that represent spring.

Pops of blush are pretty much always incorporated into our home but they definitely get upped during this time of year! I love these thrifted books covered in vintage floral fabric. The patterns are perfect for spring.

Blue and white pottery is also a staple in our home and nothing says spring to me like peonies in a blue and white vase!

Our little kitchen eating nook got updated with new paint for the chairs and new pillow covers!

And of course what is more spring than tulips?!

This little dollar store caddy painted cornflower blue is the perfect place to store all of our seeds and will make a great window herb garden this summer!

It may not be decor per say but one of my favorite things to see in the spring is all of my son and I’s seedlings growing. He loves checking on his plants every morning!

I recently painted this cabinet white and I am loving the change for spring! The artwork was done by my son and it brings me so much joy! I styled it with this $5 thrifted rattan elephant, some diy ombré books and a thrifted vase.

Our dining room is another room that’s pretty much “done” (with the exception of paint touch ups and a light fixture) and I’ve had lots of fun putting some spring touches in here!

I took down our heavy velvet curtains and am planning on putting up these opal house ones eventually. For now i am actually loving the openness of the bare windows.

I also framed some rifle paper co fabric from fat stack fabrics in these 50 cent thrifted frames for a nice spring floral pop! I brought home a fiddle leaf fig the other day that is definitely giving me the warm weather vibes!

Our sideboard got a little spring makeover with some spring florals and a styling update.

The mantle got some spring florals and a styling update as well.

I added some more of my sons artwork to the mantle as well because free labor 🤷🏻‍♀️ just kidding….kind of 😆

Our table recently got a fresh coat of paint and the captain chairs were reupholstered in this pretty pink coral fabric.

Having this room done motivates me to get going on the rest of the house! I can’t wait to see it all *hopefully* done this time next year!

Thank you so much for stopping by my spring home tour and be sure to check out Holly’s gorgeous spring decor tour!

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