Diy Wall Art Your Toddler Can Do! (and mine did)

Recently as I was putting our dining room together I realized I needed a large piece of artwork to take up a large amount of wall space and anchor our large sideboard. I didn’t want to spend a lot and since I love diy artwork projects, I was determined to make something to fit this space!

I thought it would be fun to include my toddler because he loves seeing his artwork displayed throughout the house!

I grabbed 8 gold frames from the dollar store

I used blush craft paint to paint all the included matts pink.

Next I grabbed about eight pages of white card stock and gave my son a few different shades of pink acrylic paint to paint with. At the time he loved to paint faces so I painted him a few circles so he could do the rest of the face.

My son is young so his faces came out super abstract which I love !

This was such a fun project to do together and my son still loves seeing his creations all framed up and displayed!

In fact we had so much fun we’ve done it a few more times using the same concept of giving him paint colors that fit with our decor and framing it.

For this one I just gave him a pretty teal paint and a poster board and let him do his thing!

I also have some of his artwork displayed on our mantle too.

Of course I let him paint with whatever colors he wants normally and display his other pieces of art too, these are just ones that are used as regular decor in our home!

Tips for Making This Work :

Use Acrylic Craft Paint

The end result will be much more high quality than a regular kids paint. Of course just be careful because it’s not washable.

Use Cardstock Instead of Thin Paper

Again, the end result will be much more quality!

Pick Colors that Coordinate with Your Decor AND Mix Well Together

Let’s be honest, a lot of times when our kids start mixing colors it can end up being a lot of brown! I love when my son mixes colors and seeing what he comes up with but for the sake of this project I wanted certain colors so didn’t give him colors that would mix to a not so appealing color.

We absolutely love arts and crafts in our house and LOVED doing these projects together. My son loves seeing his creations displayed which is the best part.

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Diy Wall art done by your toddler! A fun toddler project that doubles as decor!

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