Abba Patio Umbrella Review

We might be preparing for fall but the weather is still very much summer around here! I was recently given the opportunity to review this Abba Patio umbrella and it has really made our outside time more enjoyable!

First of all this umbrella is huge!! It provides a ton of shade for us which is great because we don’t have a very shady yard.

The umbrella is also super easy to use! It’s features a crank for opening and closing and a push button for tilting. Even my toddler can adjust it!

The pole is rust free so no worrying about it getting rained on and lugging it in and out. The fabric is also fade resistant so I know it will continue to look great over time!

I am absolutely loving enjoying this umbrella while the weather is still nice and definitely suggest checking them out here! They have a ton of awesome outdoor products.

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