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Fall Home Tour

Wow I can’t believe fall is finally almost here! Being in New England we’re already starting to feel some fall weather in the mornings and nights (it’s all summer during the day still though!) I don’t usually look forward to the weather changing because I normally love the heat but this year I am so done with it! Give me all the sweaters and crockpot meals!

If your here from Karen’s post your probably already feeling super inspired!

I don’t ever go crazy for fall decor and this year was especially simple because we are planning some major changes in our home over the next few months and it felt silly to go all out decorating rooms that were going to be under drop clothes in just a few short weeks.

I started outside at our front door. I added some fall flowers and pumpkins to our spring wreath to give it a fall makeover. Of course I couldn’t resist these purply pink mums or white pumpkins! A layered rug in a warmer color definitely feels like fall to me as well!

Inside I added a few small touches to our kitchen, some pumpkins in our built ins and this cute little grey pumpkin! Of course I’m lighting allll the fall candles and enjoying some fall comfort food in this space!

The dining room table got a very simple pumpkin arrangement and a few small white pumpkins scatted throughout.

One of my favorites parts of this house is the fireplace in the dining room! I wanted to keep it simple with some plain white mini pumpkins and a pumpkin flower vase.

Of course coffee table decor is my FAVORITE! I kept it simple here too with just a plain pumpkin but I also scaled back some of the other items on this table to bring out the fall tones in the globe and smudge stick.

I replaced my spring/summer pillows with some muted blush velvet ones and a more neutral middle pillow, but still kept a few of my favorites that would still work for fall.

This space is one in particular that will be changing a lot soon but I decided to style it anyways by adding a simple pink pumpkin. This framed fabric already had a fall vibe so it worked out perfectly! The muted pink wall hanging adds a fall touch as well.

I am so excited for fall this year and especially all the projects we have coming up! What are your favorite parts about fall?! I can’t wait to do all the fun fall activities with my little guy!

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