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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review

I am so excited to be sharing with you all my review of the November Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box!

I have been wanting to get back into oils for so long but haven’t done it because let’s be honest – they can be SO expensive for a good quality oil and all the information out there can be a little overwhelming! That’s why I was so excited to find Simply Earth! They took care of both problems by providing quality, pure essential oils at great prices and also providing subscribers with plenty of easy ways to use the oils in their homes! Of course those two things are what drew me to the company but I also want to share a few other things I love about the company quickly :

  • 13% of their profits go to end human trafficking which I think we can all agree is AMAZING!
  • Seasonal recipes! No more spending hours on Pinterest figuring out how the heck to even use the oils, what to mix with what etc. A professional aromatherapist streamlines it all for you with 6 different recipes a month!
  • The price! I know I already said it but the price is so great! For $39 dollars a month you get 4 full size oils, recipes to use them in and extras for the recipes! As a new subscriber you’ll also receive a free big bonus box filled to the brim with goodies to make the recipes in the next 6 boxes! You’ll also receive a $40 gift card when you use code PEONIESONPLEASANTFREE as well!

Press play here for a breakdown of everything that came in both boxes!

What did we think of the recipes?

To be clear here, when I say we I’m talking about me and my three year old 😜 I love that it’s not only safe for him to help me out with the recipes but also healthy! He loves to mix and pour and all of those types of things so we had a blast making these recipes!

His favorite was definitely the oatmeal milk bath! It seems like every year when the clock strikes midnight on October 1st, his eczema returns. The same itchy patches in the same itchy spots. The oatmeal milk bath not only soothed those spots but made his skin so soft while the eucalyptus helped with his congestion! He loved blending all the ingredients up and playing with the tea bag in the tub – so much so that he ran to the bath with it before I could get a picture 😝 this will definitely be something we use a lot this winter, not just as a way to soothe his skin but something he can help make and actually use which I think teaches an awesome lesson!

My favorite recipes were the blends because they were perfect for what I need this time of year – energy and congestion relief! The recipe box included a recipe for a roller blend of lime and eucalyptus which I have been using constantly! I’ve also had the tranquility and lime diffuser blend on non stop since we made it! I can’t get enough of the smell and both of these recipes came in such handy during a tired and rainy weekend!

I have to say the tranquility scent is my absolute favorite oil in the box! I can’t get enough of this scent!

The next recipe we tried and loved were the lavender and eucalyptus shower steamers! Not only do they totally work in the shower to relax and relieve congestion but they are so pretty!!

I can totally see these in a gorgeous glass jar in the bathroom! Perfect touch for overnight guests or even simple budget friendly gifts. I have these in our bathroom now and can smell their amazing scent as soon as I walk in! We loved these so much we even made more using the base recipe and the different oils.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely think these recipe boxes are the PERFECT place to start wether your new to oils or just looking to switch it up! $39 a month for 4 pure oils is such a great price just for oils but you also get so much more!

Head on over to the Simply Earth site and don’t forget to use code PEONIESONPLEASANTFREE for your $40 gift card towards your next purchase!

I am so excited to try the rest of the recipes!

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