Whimsical Boho Nursery

I absolutely love baby girls nurseries. Maybe it’s because I have a boy or maybe it’s because there’s just SO much good stuff out there. If I ever do have a girl you can consider her nursery planned. Actually you can just consider my next babies nursery planned regardless of gender lol!

I love a fun whimsical look so I wanted to put together a mood board of some products perfect for this look.

A neutral crib and glider are the backdrop to this look. I like to keep these neutral because they are the things you will have for a long time and will probably see decor changes. Especially the crib because they generally convert to beds.

The camel wall art is so beautiful and fun. It brings playfulness, color and even texture all in one print.

A morrocan pouf is the perfect place to put your feet up on those long nights feeding and of course a pink one is even better!

I have loved this purple fringe light fixture for so long and have always thought it’d be so perfect in a girls room/nursery.

The rug definitely makes a bold statement. The bright color is complimented by the vintage feel and it’s perfect for bringing boho vibes to this nursery.

The elephant basket is great for storing all those sweet baby blankets.

This is the perfect nursery for the fun boho baby and mama! See below to get this look in your baby’s nursery.

1. Crib 2. Camel print 3. Pouf 4. Elephant pillow 5. Fringe light fixture 6. Glider 7. Rug 8. Elephant basket 9. Gold cactus 10. Lamp

Do you guys like bright and fun nurseries or prefer something more neutral? I love both! Tell me in the comments below.

Boho Glam Living Room

One of my favorite design styles is boho glam. I always find myself going back to this type of look. The relaxed vibe of boho pieces combined with lux and glamorous pieces is such a great juxtaposition. They really balance each other out and add beautiful interest. This is a great way to get a glam look while still having your space feel cozy and relaxed. Somewhere you can curl up on your laptop on a friday night or host a nice party.

The key to this look is lots of texture and styling with accessories. Textures like wicker, fringe and shag mix great with gold luxurious finishes. I’m also loving peachy pinks right now so I incorporated that for this boho glam living room making it perfect for summer.

Plants are an easy way to up the style in any room and are a MUST for any boho style. Of course a fiddle leaf fig is a go to classic and this brass planter adds so much great boho character.

The sofa is a prefect neutral backdrop for lots of pillows (a boho must!) and also a great price on sale for 539.99! Check out the links below to get this look!

Boho Glam Living Room

1. rug 2. chair 3. faux fiddle leaf fig 4. pillow 5. pillow 6. pillow 7. sofa 8. belly basket 9. pinnacle 10. skull 11. tray 12. lamp 13. planter 14. coffee table

What do you guys think? Do you like to mix different design styles or stick to one? Tell me in the comments below!

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Statement Rugs For Every Budget

Statement rugs are great for living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, kitchens etc. Pretty much any room! They also can be incorporated into so many different designs from modern farm house to bohemian chic. Check out these bold colorful vintage inspired rugs and find one in your budget!  #vintagerugs #bohodecor #modernfarmhouse #statementrugs #brightrugs #bohointeriors #bohemian #newtraditional #nurseryrugs #affordablerugs #affordabledecor
A good bold rug can go so far in any room. They really do add instant style. Right now I am loving all white rooms with a bright bold statement rug. I’m also loving statement rugs in nurseries, they are so fun and can grow with the child for a long time. They also make amazing kitchen runners. Click below to get this look for your home!

1. chroma over dyed rug – j.c. penny 113.99

Who doesn’t love a bright pink rug with a vintage pattern? This rug could be used in so many spaces but I think a girls room or a bright white bedroom would be just lovely! The price point is great too.

2. phoenix rug – lulu & georgia 695

This rug is all my boho dreams come true. The colors are so dreamy.

3. empress rug – lulu & georgia 695

This emerald green and blue vintage pattern is stunning.

4. turquoise over dyed rug – houzz 188.61

Another great over dyed rug with a beautiful bold color and washed out vintage pattern at a great price.

5. antoinette rug – lulu & georgia 695

So great in a nursery or a feminine boho living room or bedroom! I am absolutely loving light and faded blues and pinks right now.

6. aylla printed chenille rug – urban outfitters 189

Urban outfitters is SUCH a good source for reasonably priced rugs and other home items too. The pink is a great shade and I love the tassled edges.

7. balanced rug – anthropologie 398

The texture in this rug mixed with the gorgeous navy color make this the perfect statement rug.

8. adana rug – lulu & georgia 725

I am so obsessed with this rug! The colors are something you definitely don’t see everywhere and the bold pattern makes such a statement.

9. Emmie Rae Rug – lulu & georgia 386 (on sale)

This rug is perfect for a nursery and can definitely grow with the child or make a beautiful addition to any room in your home.

What are you guys loving right now? Do you like bold colorful rugs or prefer a more neutral look? Let me know in the comments below!

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Floral Nursery

My baby fever has been on fireee lately! I have been non stop pinning nurseries on Pinterest. So while I wait for my time for #2 I’ll get my baby fever out productively with a blog post!

I have been OBSESSED with this Gal Meets Glam Garden Party Rug since it came out. I sometimes wake up dreaming about it in a nursery. There’s usually some drool involved. What can I say? I love rugs. And Lulu & Georgia. (Not sponsored just obsessed)

I took this rug and ran with it for this nursery. Everything is bright and sweet and perfect for a little bundle of newborn baby smell (moms you know what I’m talking about)

sources : 1.Crib 2. Target glider 3.Rug 4. Bench 5. Basket 6. Elephant 7. Lamp 8. Pillow 9. Pillow 10. Pouf 11. Side table

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Feminine Boho Living Room : Get the Look

I have always had a spot in my heart for soft feminine decor and I am always drawn to bohemian elements. Light pastel pinks and blues and rattan just make me happy. I love mixing a little traditional with a little boho and a splash of coastal while keeping it super light and fresh. Shades of blush and washed out blues are so classic and keep a space airy and soft. This look is SO perfect for spring.

Here’s how you can get the look :

This beachy farmhouse feminine boho living room combines the best elements of these decor styles for a classic cozy and polished space that's both casual and polished. #coastaldecor #femininefarmhouse

Sources : 1. sofa 2. chair 3. rug 4. basket 5. opalhouse pillow

6. throw 7. pillow 8. pillow 9. lamp

I started this look with this Caitlin Wilson Rug. For some reason I have always used rugs as a starting point. If you like feminine traditional design you need to check Caitlin Wilson’s website out. I’ve been a fan since I first got into interior design and everything she puts out is just dreamy. (Not sponsored just a genuine fan)

The swinging rattan chair is from Serena and Lily and the shape is beautiful. I love the relaxed vibe they give off and of course the texture is beautiful.

Pottery Barn slip covered sofa is of course a go to basic. A white slip covered sofa is a great base to any kind of design.

Next I had to grab something from Targets Opalhouse collection. Everything is just gorgeous. Especially this blush pillow. I keep gravitating to it. The layered pinks and fringe and texture is so perfect for a laid back boho yet soft look.

Lulu & Georgia is also a go to website for not only furniture and decor but just plain inspiration. The lamp and other two pillows are from their Cupcakes and Cashmere line.

I hope this look gets you inspired for spring!

Tell me, what styles do you gravitate towards?

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10 Things to Look for While Thrifting – Part One – Small Decor Pieces

I absolutely love waking up early in the morning and heading out to my favorite flea market in the summer. I also spend more time then I should admit on craigslist and facebook market place. I wanted to put together a series of things I try to keep an eye out for while I’m out thrifting, starting with small decor items. These things can really add up when your paying full price. Thrifting gives you the chance to actually be able to style your home without breaking the bank and it also gives off a more collected feel. Here are some things I tend to look for while out thrifting. Of course the most important things to look for are things your naturally drawn to because you will love those ones forever!

1. Wicker and Rattan

Wicker and rattan are having a big moment right now and for good reason! They add a beautiful textured element.

2. Blue and white pottery

Blue and white vases are such a classic! They’re great to collect and group together or style alone.

3. Books

Books add a layered and collected element. A stack of books with a decorative item placed on top can bring style to any place. I look for neutral covers or you can always place them page side out ( like pictured above) or cover them with a nice paper. Picking these up while thrifting can really save a lot of money.

4. Milk Glass

Im always on the look out for milk glass. The bright glossy white is so beautiful especially if you have a lot of chalk painted items in your home. The pure white gloss really adds some interest against distressed pieces.

5. Kids decor items

Kids decor can be expensive so why not try to save some money on the things they are probably going to grow out of anyways. Plus older and vintage items can be better quality and can potentially be passed on. Wooden toys, vintage trucks, old block sets, vintage books etc. all make great inexpensive non-cheesy decor items. Vintage kids books are great for finding prints to hang (as shown in this tutorial here.) An old wooden truck placed on top of a stack of books or wooden train on top of a dresser, the options are endless and I’ve had really good luck finding these types of items on the cheap. The airplane and train were both under 5 dollars. The truck below was found in a mans barn when I was 9 months pregnant. He gave me it and a few others for free which I will always remember.

6. Candle sticks

Great to have on hand for dressing up a table and they look great styled and stored on a shelf in the meantime. I find theres an abundance of them at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales. The ones above were free yard sale left overs. Alot of times you will find brass ones which i personally love but if you dont they can always be painted!

7. Trays

Trays are so great for creating a layered pulled together look! Sometimes it can be hard to find the right color but they can be easily painted also.

8. Cutting boards

Another great decorative item for adding a layered styled look in the kitchen.

9. Ginger Jars

Love the look of ginger jars! They are so classic. I found the one above on a 50 cents table at a flea market.

10. Wicker Baskets

Ok I know I already mentioned wicker and rattan but I felt like wicker baskets deserved their own space. They are so great for storing kids toys! And anything else you need out but dont want seen. They also make great inexpensive planters.

I really hope this post gives you a little bit of inspiration for your next trip thrifting. Part two will be for outdoor decor! What are some of your favorite flea market finds? Tell me in the comments below!

Thrift store decor ideas to style your home on a budget. 10 easy and cheap things to find at flea markets,  thrift stores and garage sales. Repurposed flea market finds #homedecor #fleamarketfindsThrift store decor ideas to style your home on a budget. 10 easy and cheap things to find at flea markets,  thrift stores and garage sales. Repurposed flea market finds #homedecor #fleamarketfindsThrift store decor ideas to style your home on a budget. 10 easy and cheap things to find at flea markets,  thrift stores and garage sales. Repurposed flea market finds #homedecor #fleamarketfinds