4 budget fabric sources

I feel like I’m constantly buying fabric for different projects. Between reupholstering dining chairs, making DIY artwork and multiple other projects it seems I’m always needing fabric for something. Buying fabric traditionally can sometimes add up so I wanted to share some sources for inexpensive fabric.

1. Savers/Goodwill

If you have a Savers near you this is my number one recommendation for finding inexpensive fabric. If you go into the back of your store, depending on how your store is set up, you will find an entire section full of tablecloths, curtains, sheets etc.

All of these different types of textiles can be used as fabric for your project. They even have a section for loose fabric which is usually labeled as the “material” section.

The chair below was reupholstered with fabric from savers. I believe this particular fabric that I used was in the material section but there was also a lot of good options in this color, the day I went, in the sheets section.

Goodwill also has a lot of different sheets, curtains etc. My local Goodwill keeps them in a big bin which can sometimes be hard to sort through (especially if you bring a two year old with you who thinks said bin is a ball pit to jump in) but it’s still a great option especially if you don’t have a savers close by!

2. Flea markets & garage sales

I always look for fabric when I’m at flea markets and garage sales. The fabric in the frame below was some I found at a flea market for less than a buck! You can also look for sheets, curtains etc. there like at savers and goodwill.

3. Craigslist

Recently when I was browsing Craigslist I came across an upholstery business that was getting rid of all of their fabric free! You can just search fabric, curtains, etc and see what you find!

4. Homegoods / tjmaxx

Homegoods doesn’t sell fabric (at least mine doesn’t) but they do sell designer sheets, tablecloths, curtains etc. that you can use at a fraction of the cost of buying fabric! I’ve used shower curtains from Homegoods to extend window drapes and sheets to reupholster chairs! Everything is awesome quality too! I’ve listed some examples below!

Love this blue and white striped shower curtain for 19.99!

Pretty blush sheets here

Love the pineapple print on these

I hope you all are able to find beautiful fabric at awesome prices! Happy hunting!

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Find cheap fabric and save money on your next diy at these 4 places

Find cheap fabric and save money on your next diy at these 4 places

diy anthropologie inspired artwork

I absolutely love browsing Anthropologie’s art section online when I’m needing inspiration. Every single piece is absolutely incredibly beautiful! They’re also very expensive which is why I thought I’d try to do some diy Anthropologie inspired artwork.

The piece of artwork I chose to recreate is this ha-ha-ha-ha piece that is $278 and sold out!

I already had a thin gold frame pretty much identical to the anthropologie one so it worked out perfectly!

I started by taking the piece of thick paper that was behind the art work in my frame out and painting it a bright white with just basic white paint. Any kind of acrylic craft paint will work for this. If your frame doesn’t have an extra piece of thick cardstock type paper you can buy some poster board paper at a craft store and paint the matte side with a thin coat of white paint. I definitely suggest painting it because it gives you some freedom to where if you make a mistake, you can paint right over it. However, you really don’t want to do a thick coat of paint because it could curl. Just a thin coat will do!

After your done painting your white background its time to start writing your words! You could go with any phrase that makes sense being repeated or just go with the ha-ha-ha phrase like the Anthropology piece. I chose to go with “i love you so so so much” because its something I say all the time.

Once you choose your phrase you can start to write. Just start writing and dont worry about having perfectly neat typography. You can also practice on a seperate piece of paper which I did do. If you look at the Anthropology piece the writing is not perfect and a little bit of imperfection gives it character!

I chose to write in cursive because I like the way it looks but you can choose whatever – print, cursive, all caps, all lower case, whatever! Using all caps and print will give you the closest look to the Anthropology artwork.

I used an inexpensive small fine tip paint brush for my writing.

If you make a mistake while writing just use some of your white paint you used for the background to paint over the mistake, let dry, and try again. But again, don’t worry to much about perfection. The fun and appeal of this artwork is in the somewhat messy handwriting! I chose to leave a lot of white space because I liked the look of it but if you want yours to look most like the Anthropology piece you will want to leave less space in between your lines of words.

The key to getting the look of the Anthropology piece is the blush pink paint for the writing and the thin gold frame. You can find blush pink paint at any craft store.

Cameo blush is a great color by folkart that can be found at most craft stores or online at hobby lobby here.

As far as the frame goes, this one was thrifted, but you should be able to find something similar fairly easily! Some good affordable options are this one and this one.

here’s how mine came out :

I think this would be so perfect in a nursery or really anywhere!

It was so easy to do and I love the way it turned out!


Super easy DIY Anthropologie inspired artwork! Perfect for a nursery, bedroom, living room or wherever! This is an incredibly easy, inexpensive and quick DIY that adds a lot of impact and style. #diyartwork #anthropologyinspired #diyhomedecor

Super easy DIY Anthropologie inspired artwork! Perfect for a nursery, bedroom, living room or wherever! This is an incredibly easy, inexpensive and quick DIY that adds a lot of impact and style. #diyartwork #anthropologyinspired #diyhomedecor