Repurposing Old Clothes Into Artwork

If you guys are anything like me you have bins full of old clothes waiting to be brought to good will. Or if your even more like me you’ve had bags of clothes in the trunk of your car for the past month that you keep forgetting to drop off to goodwill.

Before I had my son I absolutely LOVED clothes shopping and have collected alot of pieces with pretty prints that I have trouble letting go of because I truly love them. I happily give away clothes all the time there’s just those few pieces I can never seem to part with.

The fact of the matter however is that these clothes just don’t fit my post baby body and probably won’t again (which I’m not mad about.) Because I do love the prints and textures on them I decided to frame some of my favorites and wanted to share a little tutorial with you here. I plan on doing this again later on a larger scale with my wedding dress.

I love this idea because it adds beautiful pattern and texture and can be mixed up in so many different ways to fit so many different styles. I’ll get into some more ideas later on in this post!

I chose this shirt because I love the color and the texture. It also had a pretty large hole in it so I wouldn’t be able to donate it regardless.

I grabbed a frame I already had that had a thick white mat. I definitely think a mat pulls this look together and make it look a little more “done.”

Next I just positioned the mat in a couple different places on the shirt to see where I wanted it in the frame.

Then I just cut a wide area around the area that would be showing in the frame. I cut the area wide so that I gave myself room for error and to make it easier to adjust when I put it in the frame.

Next I just popped everything in the frame and adjusted it until it looked like it was in the right position. This part took a little trial and error but it wasn’t bad at all.

Secure your frame and your done!


This could be worked into so many different decor styles. It would be really cool to group a bunch of these with coordinating patterns and colors on a gallery wall. Or use old band tees grouped with some prints. Or do a large scale piece of art with a dress or larger article of clothing.

Do you guys have any clothes you can’t wear but can’t seem to part with? Let me know in the comments below!


Repurposing clothes into easy diy artwork is a great way to add easy, diy fun and feminine decor to your space. Try this diy this summer to save some money on artwork and reduce waste by upcycling! #diydecor #repurpose #upcycle #artwork

Ultimate Fathers Day Steak Dinner Menu


Are you still looking for ideas for your dad or hubby for father’s day? I never know what to get my husband! He’s the type of guy who doesn’t need much to make him happy.

One thing most all dad’s love : a good meal.

This is the ultimate father’s day menu in my opinion. It’s a mix of my own recipes and some of my favorites from around the web that I’ve been using for years and know are excellent!

Disclaimer : this menu is very rich and definitely not diet friendly. You can scale back by only picking a few of the sides or go all in cause hey it’s a special occasion!

So what’s on the menu?

A perfectly cooked steak with compound butter on top

Baked Mac n cheese

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Herbed Cream Corn

Parmesan Crusted Zuchini and Squash

And for dessert : PEANUT BUTTER PIE!

So let’s start with the steak. You want a good cut and can either grill or pan sear. I personally prefer pan seared in butter. This is a great recipe here. Grilling is great option if your having a good amount of people because a lot of times you can outsource that job to someone else while you get everything else ready. Plus dad’s love grilled food!

For special occasions I always make a roll of “cowboy butter” aka compound butter to put on top of steak (or chicken or potatoes or eat it straight whatever you choose 😂). It gives the meal a special touch and is SO good. I put some aside for myself to eat on toast the next day.

This is the recipe I have been using for years. I’ve had other people ask for this recipe and now they use it regularly too because everyone loves it! It’s essentially a compound butter with yummy lemon parsley and red pepper. So so so good.

Next up : baked Mac n cheese. Who doesn’t love baked Mac n cheese? Find my recipe here. Make it ahead and keep it in the fridge before baking so it’s one less thing to worry about when your getting everything else ready.

Roasted Garlic Mashed potatoes are another great way to take a regular already yummy dish and kick it up a notch (or 10.) This is another recipe I’ve been making for years and love. It’s also another pioneer woman recipe so I guess I have a certain taste when it comes to recipes! This one is just oh so delicious and creamy and flavorful and all the things! Perfect for a special occasion. If you want to simplify things you could also make baked potatoes and serve the compound butter with it as well.

My herbed cream corn is a great side for this menu because it’s quick to make and doesn’t require alot of ingredients or prep. And it is delicious! To make it extra special and yummy cut the corn straight off the cob.

Parmesan Crusted zucchini and Squash because I felt like I should probably throw a veggie in there and these are so good! Just chop your zucchini and squash into thin rounds toss with olive oil, throw on a cookie sheet, sprinkle on panko bread crumbs and grated parm and bake at 425 until golden brown (about 20 mins)

ok dessert time. GUYS if you make only one thing from this menu let it be this peanut butter pie. I have been making it for years and it is such a hit every time! I also feel like peanut butter is a very dad like food lol! Find the recipe here.

What do you guys have planned for father’s day? What are you getting your special guys? Tell me in the comments below!



Dinosaur Second Birthday

Over the winter my son had his second birthday. I wasn’t blogging then but I wanted to share this easy diy dinosaur birthday party for anyone looking for ideas! The theme was obviously dinosaurs and it was a great time! This is a great theme for any dinosaur loving kiddos and theres a ton of ideas on pinterest! this is what we did :

For the dessert table backdrop I used painters tape on a foam poster board to make the criss cross pattern. Once the tape was down I used different shades of blue and green acrylic paint and painted the separate sections. Once the paint was dry I just removed the tape and was done. The tape did kind of peel some of the poster but I just touched those spots up with paint.

Next I used plastic dinosaur toys and painted them with the same acrylic paint I used for the poster board. Once they were dry I made them little hats out of scrapbook paper and hot glued a pom pom on top. I love the way these came out! I actually ended up selling all of this stuff after his party to someones else for her sons party. My son loved the dinosaurs and her son did too! I strung the silver foil letters to say roar and just taped it to the back.

You can use any colors for this theme obviously. A pink and gold scheme would be so adorable for a girls party or any pink lovers out there! My son just so happened to like blue and green and I already had a lot of blue and green paint.

I got the cake at our local grocery store (Market Basket) and just asked them for a plain round white cake. I used the the toy dinosaur and a blue 2 for the cake toppers to dress it up a little. It was so simple.

I got the tassle streamers at target and dollar store. I definitely suggest checking out your local dolllar tree if you are looking for these.. They were alot less expensive then the target ones and had a good amount of color options.

My son LOVED tea at the time so we made some “tea-rex.”

We had these cardboard dinosaurs from target already and gave them a fresh coat of paint for the party. My son helped paint them and now they are decor in his bedroom. I thought it would be really fun as an activity for the kids to paint some too but they were a little pricey for the amount of kids we had coming.

The activities were fairly easy to put together. We did a dino dig and a hat decorating station.

We tried to make enough kinetic sand to fill this turtle for a dino dig. Big mistake. I’m pretty sure our new neighbors thought we were cooking a large batch of meth at 11 pm the night before. It was such a mess. I would suggest just using regular sand especially this time of year where it’s nice enough to be outside. We just hid the dinos and some dino skeletons in the sand and left out some bags with paint brushes for the kids to clean off their discoveries and keep in the bag. This doubled as favors. The kids really loved it.

I put some dino tattoos out too.

We also set up a station to decorate hats like paleontologists wear. The kids got so into it and it was a lot of fun. Even the adults made hats. Every age enjoyed it and my son still wears his hat. I got the hats here and just used random stickers we already had plus some from walmart and set out some paint and glitter glue too.


My son definitely enjoyed his party and I loved planning it! I can’t wait til next year!


dinosaur birthday party ideas, decorations, cake, games and activities. DIY dinosaur birthday party #diy #dinoparty

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diy porch makeover on a BUDGET!

I’m finally starting to feel good about our outdoor spaces at our new house. I just finished my diy porch makeover on a literal shoe string budget.

I forgot to get a before picture of the whole porch but did get one of the chairs.

Before :

And after :

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

I would say our budget for this was about 30 dollars. 20 on spray paint and about 10 on flowers.

I bought 3 different types of spray paint to try out for this project:

Rustoleum painters touch x2 cover flat white

Rustoleum Chalked in linen white

And Krylon paint and primer in white

HANDS DOWN BEST ONE was rustoleum x2 cover in flat. The chalk paint wasn’t bad but the coverage of the x2 flat white was the best and still had a super matte finish.

I wanted a matte finish because I thought it would lessen the plastic look of these. So far they are washing off fine with the hose but I am still going to put a matte protective coat on them soon. Just need to touch up a few places first and spray the bottoms.

To paint these I literally just gave them a good hose down and hit some dirtier spots with a sponge then got to spraying. The rustoleum x2 paint stuck really good to the plastic. I just went back and forth with slow steady strokes and let dry for probably about a half hr or so between coats. I probably ended up with about 3 or 4 coats. I did the same thing to my son’s set too. His is just your basic little tikes set I feel like everyone has!

Before :

And after :

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

I had this little terra cotta pot that I had primed to paint for an activity I was making for my son a while back but never finished and I just threw a small little hosta I had in it. There was a huge patch of hostas growing in an overgrown area of our yard which I used for a ton of landscaping projects.

The previous owner had left the chairs here so they were free. I find these plastic type of adirondack chairs are very accessible on a budget and you can find them at garage sales a lot. If your wanting to get this kind of look without the diy I’ll list some nice budget friendly ones here, here and here.

All of the planters are things I shopped my home for which you can read more about here.

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

I also gave our porch a good quick clean using this product called bon ami. It took off a lot of stains and made a big difference with not a lot of effort. It’s a light abrasive almost like an exfoliater for your skin but for cleaning instead. I use it allover our house and love it. Plus it’s all natural. You can see how dirty our porch was in this pic a little. Eventually I will power wash it or paint but this was great for now.

The grey table I already had inside. A lot of times you hear about bringing the outdoors in when designing a space but I think bringing the indoors out can do alot for a space too! Just make sure you give it a good protective coat if it’s going to be exposed to the elements. I also only paid about 5 dollars for the table. Our porch is covered so I wasn’t to concerned about it.

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

I feel so relieved now that this project is “done.” There’s alot that still needs to be done in this area but we are going to wait on it for now and I feel like with this mini makeover we can still enjoy the space!

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

What kind of outdoor projects are you working on? Tell me in the comments below


Spray painting your plastic outdoor chairs is a great way to update your porch or patio this summer. It's an easy outdoor DIY that anyone can do! #outdoorliving #farmhouseporch

Spray painting your plastic outdoor chairs is a great way to update your porch or patio this summer. It's an easy outdoor DIY that anyone can do! #outdoorliving #farmhouseporch

Diy porch makeover using spray paint to redo plastic Adirondack chairs. Diy porch decor on a budget. Perfect summer diy project. #porchdecor #outdoordiy #diydecor

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Tried and True Baked Mac n Cheese Two Ways

Baked mac and cheese is such a staple comfort food! Nothing like a big bowl of mac n cheese on a rainy lazy day. It’s also a crowd pleaser and easy to make a big batch which makes it one of my favorite recipes when entertaining! I know there is countless baked Mac n cheese recipes around the web but I still wanted to share mine because it is something I feel I have perfected over the years.

I like to make this two different ways. The first being just using a sharp cheddar for an amazingly delicious simple mac n cheese. The richness of sharp cheddar cheese combined with the creamy goodness of the sauce makes my mouth water! In fact we had this for dinner tonight and I think I’ll warm myself up another bowl as soon as I can get the two year old to sleep. If he ever goes to sleep that is. I’ll probably have a few cupcakes and recees too if I’m being honest.

The next way I love to make this Mac n cheese is by adding goat cheese. I love love love goat cheese for its tanginess and creaminess. It’s the perfect cheese for baked mac n cheese because it’s flavor can hold it’s own in the sauce and it also adds another layer of creaminess. Is creaminess a real word? I say yes!

I love both of these recipes equally. I usually make the simple sharp cheddar version for weeknight dinners and use the goat cheese version when cooking for others. They are both staples in our house.

I honestly feel like there’s no bad cheese for Mac n cheese. I remember reading once that Mac n cheese was made by farmers wives back in the day to cook whatever left over cheese they needed to use up. I’m not sure how true that is but I do sometimes use whatever cheeses I have in the fridge. Especially if I only have a small amount of a cheese left that won’t be enough for anything else. I’ll just throw it in with the other cheese I’m using. I tend to have smoked gouda left over a lot randomly and it is EXCELLENT in Mac n cheese. Throw in some bacon and you’ve got yourself a nice little rich creamy and smoky dinner. But this is baked mac n cheese TWO ways so I’ll get back to the point!

The only cheese I can think of that I wouldnt. recommend for Mac n cheese is mozzarella or feta. Extra sharp cheddar and goat cheese are just what I think are best.

I first started using this Fannie farmers baked mac n cheese recipe years and years ago and my go to recipe now is just an evolution of that one. My main changes are using half and half instead of milk and cream and adding more cheese/different cheeses.

We like to eat these mac n cheeses two ways. We like it baked with panko on top, which is usually what I do if making it for parties or entertaining. The other way is to not bake it and just eat it off the stovetop. Both are great. We usually just eat it straight from the stovetop at home because my family likes it that way and I like not having the extra step of adding bread crumbs and baking it.

Ok enough talk let’s get to the recipe!


1 box elbow, cavatapi or casserole elbow macaroni

4 tbsps butter

4 tbsps white flour

1 pint (2 cups) half and half

1/8 cup whole milk

12 ounces (usually a block and half) of sharp cheddar. I like to get extra sharp cheddar


8 ounces sharp cheddar and 4 oz goat cheese (try to get the log of goat cheese and not the crumbled goat cheese because it’s smoother and usually comes in 4 oz logs)

Panko (if baking)

1. Boil your pasta with salted water. I always use kosher salt or real salt because I love the taste but obviously any salt is fine.

2. While your pasta is cooking melt your butter on medium heat.

3. When your butter is melted add flour and whisk until it gets to a golden brown color.

4. Pour in your half and half, whisk together and bring to a boil for about a minute continually whisking.

5. Lower to simmer and whisk often for 5 minutes.

6. Throw in milk and continue whisking often for another 5 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste at this point as well.

7. Slowly add in cheese and whisk together until smooth with heat on low.

8. Put cheese sauce and macaroni together and add panko on top if baking.

9. Bake at 425 for about a half hr or til golden brown on top.

If not baking then just serve immediately. Alot of times I’ll serve it straight from the stovetop one night and bake the leftovers with panko the next day (if there is any)

Tip : use block cheese for best flavor. You can break it into chunks then grate it up in a food processor for quicker grating. It’ll look something like this :

Or obviously if you have a grater attachment it would just be grated.

What’s your favorite comfort foods? Let me know in the comments below! And let me know if you try this recipe too!


tried and true oh so good baked mac n cheese two ways. The baked mac and cheese I have been perfecting for years. Perfect baked mac n cheese recipe for entertaining or lazy days in when you just need a big bowl of comfort food #recipes #bakedmacncheese #comfortfood

Three Items You Can Repurpose Into Planters

I’ve been working on a mini porch makeover all week. My in-laws came over on Memorial day and my husband and father in law dug out an over grown area in front of our porch and the side of our house (while my mother in law and I painted over the wall paper in our dining room!) (More on that later) I’ve pretty much spent the week since then planting in the front and spray painting our old plastic Adirondack chairs which I will post about later this week!

I’ve also been putting together some diy flower planters. We really want to keep costs low so I looked around our house for some things I could use as planters. Planters add up SO fast! Even just basic terra cotta pots.

Here are the three things I found :

1. Wicker Basket

If you’ve read my post on 10 things to look for while thrifting you know I love wicker baskets! So great for storing kids toys and anything else you need easily accessible but stored in a cute way.

easy diy planters to try this summer. Diy front porch decor to boost your homes curb appeal. #summer #gardening #porch #farmhouse

This one was super easy because wicker has small gaps in it so the soil should drain pretty easily. I just added potting soil and my flowers and then I was done! I love the texture it adds.

2. Watering Cans

I had this watering can hanging out in our garage and thought it would be cute. I added rocks to the bottom to help the soil drain but you could also drill holes in the bottom. You could also use any galvanized buckets / tins or even distress some large aluminum cans for this aged metal type look. I really love the way this one came out.

easy diy planters to try this summer. Diy front porch decor to boost your homes curb appeal. #summer #gardening #porch #farmhouse

3. Crocks

I had this crock hanging around in our garage too. I think these are so cute as planters. I threw a hosta I had left over in it and I know it’ll add some great greenery and character to the porch when I put everything together.

easy diy planters to try this summer. Diy front porch decor to boost your homes curb appeal. #summer #gardening #porch #farmhouse

Is there anything you guys like to use as planters? Or do you just prefer to use actual planters? Let me know I’m the comments below!


easy diy planters to try this summer. Diy front porch decor to boost your homes curb appeal. #summer #gardening #porch #farmhouse

Easy DIY planters

Modern French Country Farmhouse Living Room

I absolutely love chic traditional decor. French country is also one of my absolute favorite design styles. If I had to pick one I would most likely say this is “my style.” I love feminine French mixed with a little rustic but I also absolutely love more modern tailored looks. This is a great type of look if you are on a budget as well because you can find alot of shabby chic cottage type furniture and decor pieces while out at thrift stores and garage sales.

This is where modern meets French country and I am loving this type of design style! Click below to get the look!

Chic traditional living room. Modern French Country Farmhouse Living Room coffee table, mirror, white slip covered sofa, French country chair, floral artwork and beaded chandelier. #frenchcountry #femininefarmhouse #getthelook #chictraditional

sofarugmirrorchair artchandeliercoffee table

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Go To Pasta Salad

The weather is finally getting nice after a long winter and I am CRAVING my favorite pasta salad. This is such a great cold summer meal or side. In general I am not a fan of pasta salad or potato salad but this recipe is SO good! I started making a couple Ree Drummond pasta salad recipes a few years ago in an attempt to find something to bring to cookouts and just have another summer side. I absolutely love both recipes and will link them here and here. This recipe pretty much combines the two of them and the result is something that everyone seems to love. I’m constantly being asked for this recipe so I figured I would share it here.

Ingredients :

1 pint cherry tomatoes

5-6 basil leaves

8 oz block of smoked gouda cheese (I sometimes add more because it’s so good)

3 chopped green onions

1 pound bacon

1 package cavatappi pasta (or whatever you have or like)

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup mayo

4 tbsp white vinegar

Lemon (optional)

The recipe is super simple. First cook your pasta and let it get cold. If your in a hurry you can blanch it with ice but I usually just make it in the morning and let it sit in the fridge to cool down. (Don’t put it in the fridge when it is still super hot) I usually add some olive oil and lemon juice at this point. Just a tiny bit of olive oil so the pasta doesn’t stick together and a squirt of lemon juice for a little freshness but that’s totally optional (I sometimes forget it completely.) I also add lots of salt to the water I cook the pasta in like I do with all pasta!

Chop your bacon into small pieces and cook while your pasta cooks. Let cool.

Next just chop up all the rest of your ingredients. I halve the cherry tomatoes, cut the cheese into small cubes and cut thin slices of green onion. Chiffonade your basil leaves to make thin long pieces. To chiffonade just put the all the basil leaves together and roll it up then chop the roll.

Next prepare the dressing. In the Ree Drummond recipe she uses Adobe sauce for the dressing. I prefer the flavor of siracha and find it’s just easier to keep on hand. You can use whatever you like. Whisk together your milk, mayo, vinegar and a squirt of siracha. Add a little salt and pepper.

Once your pasta and bacon are completely cooled down you can mix them with the rest of the ingredients, toss in the dressing and your done! I usually like to let it cool for a half hr or so in the fridge while I cook the rest of the meal but don’t always have the time and serve it right away and it is still excellent! If you are bringing this somewhere I suggest mixing the whole salad together but keeping the dressing seperate and dressing it when you arrive.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe! What is you or go to summer recipe? Let me know if you try this!


Delicous cold summer meal. go to pasta salad you will crave! I am always getting asked for this pasta salad recipe. Its perfect for all your summer cookouts especially this July fourth! #memorialday #cookoutfood #recipes #pastasalad

Effortless Five Minute Memorial Day Decor

I absolutely love decorating for holidays! We just moved into our house over the winter. It’s 200 years old and needs ALOT of work. The front of the house is one of the areas that needs a good amount of work. I was hoping to have our front porch a little more “done” before Memorial Day but it just wasn’t happening. I still want to paint our front door, get new sconces and house numbers and add flowers and a wreath. I had planned on doing more Memorial Day decor but figured I’d wait until I had finished this area a little more.

I headed over to my July Fourth pinterest board for inspiration and found I had pinned a lot of images of small flags grouped in vases.

Follow me on pinterest here for lots of July Fourth inspo!

I figured this would be super easy and just enough to give our front porch a little something for Memorial Day.

I already had these milk cans my mom gave me when we bought our last house and the tin cans were from our back yard wedding last year. For some reason all my pictures made my milk cans look SO dirty but I guess it’s just rustic right?

Next I headed to the dollar store for some small flags. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted the cloth flags with the wood sticks but these ended up being super flowy and I really liked them. Plus they were only 3 for a dollar which is an awesome price! I bought 5 packs but probably only needed 4.

I filled my tin cans with some dirt and mulch to weigh them down then just positioned my flags in an almost half moon shape inside. I used seven in each but you might need more or less depending on the size of your vase.

I think terra cotta pots or really anything vase or pot like that you have on hand would be great for this.

Thats it your all done! All you have to do now is repeatedly tell your two old to stop taking them out of the tins. Or maybe thats just me.

These would be great next to some potted red geraniums which was my plan but my store was all out!

Do you guys decorate outside for holidays? Let me know in the comments below!


July Fourth outdoor decor. Easy patriotic decor #julyfourth #patrioticdecor #outdoordecor

Whimsical Boho Nursery

I absolutely love baby girls nurseries. Maybe it’s because I have a boy or maybe it’s because there’s just SO much good stuff out there. If I ever do have a girl you can consider her nursery planned. Actually you can just consider my next babies nursery planned regardless of gender lol!

I love a fun whimsical look so I wanted to put together a mood board of some products perfect for this look.

A neutral crib and glider are the backdrop to this look. I like to keep these neutral because they are the things you will have for a long time and will probably see decor changes. Especially the crib because they generally convert to beds.

The camel wall art is so beautiful and fun. It brings playfulness, color and even texture all in one print.

A morrocan pouf is the perfect place to put your feet up on those long nights feeding and of course a pink one is even better!

I have loved this purple fringe light fixture for so long and have always thought it’d be so perfect in a girls room/nursery.

The rug definitely makes a bold statement. The bright color is complimented by the vintage feel and it’s perfect for bringing boho vibes to this nursery.

The elephant basket is great for storing all those sweet baby blankets.

This is the perfect nursery for the fun boho baby and mama! See below to get this look in your baby’s nursery.

1. Crib 2. Camel print 3. Pouf 4. Elephant pillow 5. Fringe light fixture 6. Glider 7. Rug 8. Elephant basket 9. Gold cactus 10. Lamp

Do you guys like bright and fun nurseries or prefer something more neutral? I love both! Tell me in the comments below.