Dinosaur Second Birthday

Over the winter my son had his second birthday. I wasn’t blogging then but I wanted to share this easy diy dinosaur birthday party for anyone looking for ideas! The theme was obviously dinosaurs and it was a great time! This is a great theme for any dinosaur loving kiddos and theres a ton of ideas on pinterest! this is what we did :

For the dessert table backdrop I used painters tape on a foam poster board to make the criss cross pattern. Once the tape was down I used different shades of blue and green acrylic paint and painted the separate sections. Once the paint was dry I just removed the tape and was done. The tape did kind of peel some of the poster but I just touched those spots up with paint.

Next I used plastic dinosaur toys and painted them with the same acrylic paint I used for the poster board. Once they were dry I made them little hats out of scrapbook paper and hot glued a pom pom on top. I love the way these came out! I actually ended up selling all of this stuff after his party to someones else for her sons party. My son loved the dinosaurs and her son did too! I strung the silver foil letters to say roar and just taped it to the back.

You can use any colors for this theme obviously. A pink and gold scheme would be so adorable for a girls party or any pink lovers out there! My son just so happened to like blue and green and I already had a lot of blue and green paint.

I got the cake at our local grocery store (Market Basket) and just asked them for a plain round white cake. I used the the toy dinosaur and a blue 2 for the cake toppers to dress it up a little. It was so simple.

I got the tassle streamers at target and dollar store. I definitely suggest checking out your local dolllar tree if you are looking for these.. They were alot less expensive then the target ones and had a good amount of color options.

My son LOVED tea at the time so we made some “tea-rex.”

We had these cardboard dinosaurs from target already and gave them a fresh coat of paint for the party. My son helped paint them and now they are decor in his bedroom. I thought it would be really fun as an activity for the kids to paint some too but they were a little pricey for the amount of kids we had coming.

The activities were fairly easy to put together. We did a dino dig and a hat decorating station.

We tried to make enough kinetic sand to fill this turtle for a dino dig. Big mistake. I’m pretty sure our new neighbors thought we were cooking a large batch of meth at 11 pm the night before. It was such a mess. I would suggest just using regular sand especially this time of year where it’s nice enough to be outside. We just hid the dinos and some dino skeletons in the sand and left out some bags with paint brushes for the kids to clean off their discoveries and keep in the bag. This doubled as favors. The kids really loved it.

I put some dino tattoos out too.

We also set up a station to decorate hats like paleontologists wear. The kids got so into it and it was a lot of fun. Even the adults made hats. Every age enjoyed it and my son still wears his hat. I got the hats here and just used random stickers we already had plus some from walmart and set out some paint and glitter glue too.


My son definitely enjoyed his party and I loved planning it! I can’t wait til next year!


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So cool! 😎 I’m not a kid, but I would absolutely love a party like this! 😀